Understanding What It’s Like To Live With an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorders cannot be easily understood by anyone.Understanding What It’s Like To Live With an Anxiety Disorder ,it is defined as a way of giving a reaction that seems to be aggression or anger. Its only anxiety that gives us an outburst of energy in order to combat stress and get you relieved from the situation. You might see people who are angry as it reflects from their tone. The tone of your voice changes under pressure or the word speed increases tremendously.

It is also seen that a similar tone is used as someone who is angry, but it’s unintentional. On feeling anxious about a situation though it may not be intentional whenever we might feel anxious at a situation whether it is intentional or unintentional.

Let’s walk away and understand that what this disorder is about and how to deal with it? People facing this anxiety live all day, and every day. Such people fear, have apprehensions, and are avoided to a great extent. The disorder makes you feel vulnerable and gives a thought of being afraid and not fitting in any situation. You also might develop a feeling of hiding. While facing this disorder, people are prone to develop chronic trouble of living with its mental disorder.


People facing with certain disorder are found to be very compassionate and loving. In such type of disorder, deeper consideration is given to the feelings of people. They are found to have an increased sense of connection with people that are going through critical times. These people understand what it takes when people are left to deal with tragedy and crisis.


In anxious patients, sometimes leaving a party quick or leaving a country is done all of a sudden. These are all outcomes of stress that comes on so quickly. What is commonly seen among anxious people that they care about? Anxiety may become overwhelming to all individuals. Fear leads to anxiety which can be because of anything.



It is not true to believe that anxious people are selfish person. No matter how hard you try, any negativity of a situation can be avoided because negativity can be avoided because we simply don’t like any trouble. On getting attacked by anxiety we often excuse ourselves to be in a room. The people facing this disorder face their problems internally so that they do not bother anyone’s with struggles. People with such personalities do not worry about such problems.

Anxiety- Not a choice

Regardless of the situation, this ailment does not come with a choice. Undoubtedly, anxious parents are manageable. Important is to relax yourself from the situations of heightened stress. Such strength is an art that can be dealt with calmness. At anxious times, people with breathing techniques I will be able to calm down my body.

Anxious people are not weak

People with anxiety disorders are not weak at all as people assume them to be. The ability to cope with such situations is tough and debilitating. Anxious people are seen to be dealing with real life obstacles.

Anxiety disorder is very common among people who are followed by the omnipresent cloud of dread and fear. It is determined to rain in every aspects of your life.



  1. Relieve yourself by taking time from the tied up schedule.
  2. Eat a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.
  3. Drink lesser amounts of alcohol and reduce the intake of caffeine to minimum.
  4. Sleep for an adequate time; a more than seven sleep is required to fight stress.
  5. A daily regime of exercise can make your mind fit and healthy.
  6. Start to breathe slowly.
  7. Make a habit to accept reality. You cannot have everything what you want. Also, it is not necessary to have everything in life.
  8. Laugh out loud and welcome humor.
  9. Always maintain a positive attitude towards life.
  10. Keep yourself occupied in doing something healthy that gives you break from any sort of stress.
  11. Express yourself freely among friends and family and feel overwhelmed.



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