How to Break Free Anxiety and Panic Attacks






Barry_McDonaghPanic attacks and anxiety attacks can be downright terrifying, especially if you experience them on a regular basis. You feel like you are suffocating, your heart starts racing at 100 miles an hour, you feel like you are running out of air and you are subjected to impending danger. The fear of dying becomes more and more intense with each second, although there is no real danger that awaits you. You feel like there is no way out, and that is absolutely horrible – even though most panic attacks only last for a few minutes, they can easily turn out to be the worst 10 minutes of your life.

Barry McDonagh is the creator of the Panic Away Program, a program that has quickly become very popular around the world and that features a unique anti-anxiety plan designed to come in handy for those who suffer from panic or anxiety disorder. Just as it happens with most creators of such books, Barry McDonagh has first-hand experience with panic attacks too, as he suffered from them over a significant period of time. Nonetheless, he eventually decided to take the matter into his own hands and he compiled a list of positive mental techniques and psychological affirmations designed to help him get through each panic attack, quickly and efficiently.

Now, he wants to share all of these techniques with you – you do not need to resort to the conventional methods for treating anxiety, neither do you have to go to your psychiatrist to get prescription drugs for that, unless the panic attacks are very severe and frequent. Different people experience different types of panic attacks: for some, they are so mild they cannot even tell they are having one, while for others the attack is so intense that whenever it happens, the sufferer feels like he is doomed and he cannot make it out alive.

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