Post-traumatic stress disorder commonly known as PTSD is a mental disorder prevailing in those who have encountered or come across to a shocking, scary, or a dangerous event or situation. As per the researchers, it is always natural to feel anxiety or get feared in a scary situation. With the triggers of fear in many split seconds; you can face a lot of bodily changes.

A person is protected from a harmful reaction by fighting a fight or flight response. It is obvious to feel or experience a set of naturally occurring reactions immediately after coming out of trauma. Also, it is seen that most people come out of this trauma in the initial phases only. PTSD is diagnosed among those who face traumatic problems for a continued period of time. Such people to prone to be scared or fear when they feel stressed even when they are not in danger.

Wondering who all are fallen preys to this type of disorder? Military people yes, they are the ones who face this disorder for a long time.  As they find difficult n adjusting to a normal position or schedule after returning from a dangerous war. The transition itself complicates their mind making their brain unstable. Generally, it is seen that most of the militants struggle hard to come back to normal terms post the dangerous situation experienced by them while they are on duty.

To end this or prevent many of our brave soldiers resulting in the development of PTSD, many researchers have introduced a vaccine for post-traumatic stress disorder.


The researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Massachusetts of General Hospital are engaged in creating a vaccine that creates a blocking in the hormone of the stomach that links with the stress. This is the first vaccination developed for treating patients suffering from such mental disorder. One of the peculiar things noted here is that the vaccination affects the regulation of one’s own hormone.

The vaccine aims to cease the production of a natural hormone in the stomach, this is known as ghrelin. The vaccination will stop the excess production. With the testing process undertaken on rats, it will impact the production of rats induced with stress to reduce drastically as compared to the other rats that are not provided with the vaccination to prevent PTSD.

The vaccine is most suitable for all the war militants or soldiers who continuously undergo the feeling of excessive fear and terror which sometimes lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.


The scientists have developed this vaccination by aiming at the hormone known as ghrelin. This hormone is found in humans only when they are stuck in a stressful situation. Well, one thing to be noted here is that this is the only element responsible for instigating brain panic while the humans are found to be trapped causing post-traumatic stress.

The vaccine is found to be effective or prevents the subject from getting PTSD post the situation has taken place. Nevertheless, it helps in preventing the human to get hit by this disorder before falling into such a situation.

On contacting the assistant professor of brain and cognitive science at MIT, he clearly explained that vaccine would affect the ghrelin levels by lowering it all together till the time vaccine is induced in the human body. Only when the humans are deployed and put under the influence of stress combat; the levels of ghrelin rises and then the role of vaccine comes in play. Ghrelin, a hormone found in our stomach is also known as hunger hormone as it makes us feel famished.

The research was tested on rats and it was seen that on increasing the levels of the hunger hormone, it instantly raged the fear levels than the normal ones. Ultimately, on reducing the receptors of cells those were found to be the close connection with ghrelin easily reduced the level of fear in the stressed rats.

PTSD vaccination is yet to be introduced. However, the vaccination is critiqued by many scientists are focusing more on the negative effects of the vaccine among the humans. They might get obese also scientist believes that PTSD is a condition that can only be treated under the strict observation of psychiatric. Any vaccine cannot handle this disorder naturally.

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